Artists I'm Loving

        Today I'm featuring some of the art & artists that inspire me. These guys are too good not to share!

Karen Blair :: I found Karen's work when we both had pieces at Bee Street Studio, and I was immediately grabbed by her lively brushstrokes and felt the energy coming from each piece. I loooove her use of soft colors, and admire how her pieces are abstract-ish, but still landscape-ish. 

Meredith Mejerle :: Meredith's lines speak for themselves. I admire how much restraint she uses. Sometimes I find myself adding more, more, more, and when I see her work, I'm reminded that sometimes stopping myself sooner rather than later might work in my favor. I'm currently trying to decide which room in my home that I'm going to cover with her designs...

Dylan Martinez :: I bet you want to poke and squish these bags of water, right? Well, sorry, you can't because they are made of GLASS! I am as far from a sculptor as one can be, so work like this simply floors me. 

Leah Pantéa :: Siiiigh. Dreamy. Leah's work is the epitome of soft and delicate layering. These examples are oil paint on paper - something I have always wanted to experiment with myself. If you look closely, she even has areas where she has stitched patterns into the artwork with needle and thread. White space can be scary for a lot of artists (myself included), but the way Leah uses white space is incredibly encouraging!

Do you have a favorite artist? Comment below with anyone you think I should take a look at!