Meet My Painting: 'Pasture'

Each painting has a personality and a life of its own. I’m here to introduce you to one of my favorites!


‘Pasture’ gets its name from the wide open field that spreads out across The Farm. I painted this piece from a photo I took on a near perfect day. The clear blue sky was interrupted by a luscious billowing cloud that swept across the sky. It was late afternoon, and the treeline that lies beyond the edges of this image was starting to cast long dark shadows across the field.

One of the best things about The Farm is that its landscape is the constant variable in a frequently changing equation. Had I caught this scene a few hours earlier, the sun would have been high in the sky, and I wouldn’t have seen the deep, nearly-teal shadows in the distant treeline - even in the grassy green of the day, there are warm reddish-pink tones that suggest that the sun is ever so slightly fading.

The small touches of rosy pink in the clouds are a telling sign of the glorious sunset to come. Can you just imagine that big mass of clouds, all lit up pink and purple?! ‘Pasture’ captures the fleeting moment of a bright afternoon in all of its glory - a kind of glory that hardly catches anyone’s attention. At this time of day, the light is brightest, the temperature is the highest, and it's not quite late enough to kick your feet up and enjoy the evening. What is so often missed are the signs that late afternoon is trying its darndest to be sunset, you just have to look close enough to see the small hints that are hiding in plain sight.

'Pasture' is available for purchase in my online store!