My Dream Studio

As the end of the year is approaching, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about my goals for next year and dreaming up all of the ways I can grow and develop in the coming year. A long term goal that is always on my mind is building my own studio.

While its true that art-making can happen anywhere at any time, there’s something dreamy when I think about having the perfect studio. It would be bright white, with tall ceilings and lots of wall space. There would be a corner with a comfy chair that I could sit in as I take a step back from the canvas, and I’d love to have a chair right next to it so that I could welcome guests and clients.

The wide windows would drench the space in north light, and I would have an excellent ventilation system (lol, these are the things I dream about). I have seen so many artists that have these really smart pegs installed on their wall so that they can work on multiple pieces at a time and keep them steady on the wall. I would have enough closet space to store all of the art supplies that are currently overflowing in my storage space, and racks filled with both new canvases and finished pieces.

High on the wishlist is a spot on the wall to photograph finished paintings. I’d love to have a mock interior space so that I can show people what my paintings look like in the context of a real life space. It is often so hard to tell from a photo how the painting will interact with the space around it, and it truly is key when considering what art you hang on your wall. That’s why I highly (highly!!) encourage seeing art in person. A photo can only tell one part of the story.

Dream with me for a while, will you?