What's On My Mind Right Now

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Remember when I talked about my favorite places to think? One of those places is in the car. When I turn the car on, and put it in drive, the car quickly transforms into a think tank. The trouble is, I try my best to stay off of my phone in the car, so I had to come up with a way to document these thoughts before they left my brain. Enter Voice Memos. I can quickly pull up the app on my phone, and hit record. I can capture my thoughts in a steam-of-consciousness fashion, and document what exactly it is that I’m thinking through in a raw, unedited way. When I go back and listen to them, I can shape these scattered thoughts into a real idea with a direction.

My car thoughts lately have been about my next collection of paintings. With the holidays getting closer and closer, it’s already time to think about what I would like to do this holiday season. Last year, I debuted the vellum paintings and also sold painted ornaments - I would love to do even more this year! These items were great because they were quick and easy gifts that were completely unique, so keep your eyes peeled for those! In addition to the small items, I would love to have a collection of original paintings. I’m sensing that my next step in growing as an artist is consciously and intentionally exploring new color palettes. I’m mulling over the idea of painting the same scene in a wide range of color palettes. That way, I don’t have to focus as much on what I’m painting, and instead can put all of my energy into how I’m painting it. I’m imagining a series of paintings all the same size with the same image painted in many iterations of color schemes.

At this point, I feel like I need to add a bit of a disclaimer. I’m giving you a very raw and unfiltered peek into my creative thought process. These ideas need work, and what I’m thinking about now will transform completely by the time that the process has finished. This is just the beginning of an idea and I love documenting exactly how I’m thinking through it here on the blog. As much as I love creating this content for you, the reader, so much of it is a tool that I use to stay engaged with my own creative process!

Brainstorming ideas can be difficult if I force it. Some of my best ideas come without warning, and I have to set myself up to catch them when they hit. Having tools like voice memos and the Notes app on my phone make it easy to jot down an idea quickly so that when I am in my studio, I can work through it and pursue the idea whether in my head or on the canvas. Part of growing as an artist is learning how to set yourself up for creativity. I’m learning more about myself and how I can fashion my environment to maximize my creativity and productivity. Thank you for joining me as I continue down this journey of artistic discovery!