Why Prints?

Something that is easy to forget in any professional position is the jargon of the industry you are in. In regards to the art world, not everyone understands the difference between acrylic and oil paints, a gallery versus a showroom or who the heck Monet is. As I’ve shared more about my art practice, I’ve been reminded that there is an educational component that the consumer needs; a base level of knowledge that they might not already have. 

When I released my fine art prints, I got a few responses that made me realize that not everyone knows what exactly they are. To define the term, a fine art print is a high-quality printed reproduction of an original piece of work. In contrast, an original painting is the piece of art that I created with paint on a canvas. Fine art prints are intended to be framed, and give art collectors a more budget-friendly option to grow their art collection. One of the very first pieces of art that I purchased was a large print by one of my favorite artists, Teil Duncan. I had just graduated from TCU and I wanted to purchase a piece of art to commemorate the occasion. There was (and still is) no way that I could afford an original piece of her work, but because of her example through my college years, I knew that I had to have something from Teil. So, I chose my favorite print. Although I hope to one day own on of her original pieces, the print is truly the next best thing, and it still hangs in my home today. 

I decided to pursue a line of prints from The Color of My Sky series for this same reason. There might be some of you out there that want a piece of my art, but at this point in time, don’t have the ability to purchase an original piece. That is MORE THAN OKAY! I totally get it. As an art collector myself, I’m in the same boat. Once I realized this, the decision was obvious. I ordered a round of test prints and was amazed at how incredibly detailed the prints turned out. They really are just like the real thing! I was able to capture the texture of the brush strokes, and the same luminosity that can be found in the original painting. 

I hope to continue offering prints from every series of original paintings, so that there is always a fresh option for print collectors. If you haven’t already, you can take a look through the very first collection of prints - click here to browse!