Meet My Painting: 'Girl Crush'

She’s the It Girl of The Color of My Sky. She’s bright and unafraid of sharing her personality. Everyone wants to have her on their walls. Who is she? She is ‘Girl Crush.'


The first words that come to mind when I sneak a glance at this painting is, “Holy PINK!” The process of this painting was certainly a study of my favorite color. When working with such a bright and vibrant palette, I learned that a little goes a long way. If you look at the painting a little longer, you’ll see that there are ranges of blues, purples, and even some aqua colors that balance out the range of pinks and magentas. I loved exploring both the warm and cool ranges of pink, moving from a warm, salmon-y pink all the way to a cool, deep magenta. I learned that you can indeed create areas of light and shadow with the color pink, and still formulate a realistic landscape scene, despite the color scheme.

The sky is a dappled rainbow of purple, indigo, and blue brought to light by the warmth of the sun, moving to aqua, golden yellow and peachy-pink as the light approaches. The color range of the sky brings the light to life, capturing its movement across the canvas.

An open landscape extends the picture beyond what you see. This slice of the land might be the only visible part of the picture, but the open composition suggests that there is land far beyond the horizon line. Glowing light bounces off of the horizon and reflects onto the land in front. The brushline is textured and variable, with facets of each unit catching different parts of the light. The land in front reflects the sky above it.

The sky and the land are always in open communication. One does not exist without the other. The reality of this cooperative relationship allows me as the artist to play with the bounds of reality. Sure, the color scheme of this painting is far from realistic. But understanding the relationship between the light and the land gives me the freedom to do crazy things like make trees pink, and grass aqua. There is such freedom in allowing myself to play with my palette and let my creativity alter a scene, but to convince you that maybe somewhere out there, this pink landscape might actually exist.

Want to hang Girl Crush on your wall?