Artists I'm Loving: No. 03

        Today I'm featuring some of the art & artists that inspire me. These guys are too good not to share!

Teil Duncan :: Teil was my first artist crush. She was cute, young, and an incredibly talented artist. I wanted to be her. I still want to be her! I have been following along as she has grown bigger and bigger, and I'm continually inspired by the ways she continues to push herself with new techniques and new subject matter. I already know I need her to paint portraits of my kids...once I have them, of course. Her beach series will always have a special spot in my heart - she is able to capture a landscape perfectly, but without fussing about the details. 


Lulie Wallace :: You can't talk about Teil without also mentioning Lulie. While their work and subject matter is quite different, they have the same loose and colorful aesthetic. Better yet, they are BFFs in real life. Lulie's textiles are THE BEST. I can't wait for the day when I can use her fabrics somewhere in my home. I discovered Lulie soon after Teil, and was not only drawn to her artwork, but her business approach to her artwork. These two gals were the leading example that I followed when I started to develop my artwork into a business, and they modeled the type of artist I want to be. One of my bucket list items is to meet one or both of them, simply to just say thank you!


Project Runway :: I have really been into Project Runway lately. It's a show that I've watched since the very beginning, and have loved getting back into it. The most recent season had the most exceptionally talented designers. Their designs were inspiring, and I learned that inspiration doesn't necessarily have to come in the form of a painting. While I'm not sure if I could pull off these looks, their silhouettes and color palettes truly spoke to me. My two favorite designers were Brandon & Kentaro throughout the season, and their New York Fashion Week collections did not disappoint. I have linked the videos to each of their NYFW collections!

Do you have a favorite artist? Comment below with anyone you think I should take a look at!