My Top Reading Resources

In this digital world, we take in a lot of material on an everyday basis. From tweets, to posts, to that funny video of a dog that your cousin posted on Facebook, there is a lot of information coming at us. It can be hard to decide which sources to trust, and which to dismiss. Over the years, certain sources of information of all kinds have risen to the surface, and I'm sharing with you which sources, both online and in print, that have proven to me their reliability and dependability. 


The Wall Street Journal :: My parents began subscribing to the WSJ, in addition to the local newspaper, while I was in high school. I began reading the papers along with them, and it's a practice that has solidified itself in my morning routine. One year in college, I'd expressed to my parents how much I missed having the newspaper to read every morning in the dorm, so once I moved out of the dorm, my big Christmas gift that year was a subscription to the WSJ. And to this day, despite lighthearted teasing of my roommates and now my husband, I still read the paper every. single. morning. 

Why do I read the paper? First off, I don't love staring at a screen first thing in the morning. There is something calming about the touch of the soft newsprint, and the light rustling of the pages as I turn through each section. I think it's also important to stay in touch with what's going on in America and in the world. While I have no desire to be an expert on world news, I certainly feel informed on the general goings-on in the world. Also, the Saturday edition of the paper has the best lifestyle section with articles on travel, books, recipes, interior design, and so much more. If I'm being honest, I subscribe just for the Saturday edition. 

Camille Styles :: In my opinion, the Camille Styles blog is the most well-rounded and accessible lifestyle blog out there. She covers everything from the latest health & beauty trends, to travel guides, to book recommendations, and so many things in between. Her taste is impeccable, and I dream about having a converted studio bungalow just like hers. She has a way of balancing a healthy lifestyle, with a bit of appropriately placed indulgence. An article on The Best Eye Creams under $50 next to a Bastille Day themed party with the best cheeses and wines? I'm in.

Jealous Curator :: Danielle Krysa (a.k.a. The Jealous Curator) began this blog as a way to highlight art that made her say, "Damn, I wish I thought of that." Over the years I've been following her, she has shifted the voice of her blog to turning that jealousy you feel when you see a great piece of art into a motivator to get back into the studio and make art that is just as great. I love the variety of art pieces she chooses to feature. She rotates through sculpture, collage, traditional painting, drawings, and every new medium that I didn't even know you could use! The work she chooses is fresh and contemporary, but easy to grasp, and often jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring. 

David Lebovitz :: Ah, David. David lives the life I dream of. After spending a bulk of his life as a chef in some of the top restaurants in California, he fell in love with a Frenchman and moved to Paris. His blog is a combination of his own recipes, as well as the best of the best food spots in the City of Lights. While I am jealous of his current address, I admire the way he writes even more. David's blog is one in which I read every post, even if I may not be immediately interested in the topic. He is informative, witty, and always adds a touch of wistfulness and charm, so I end up being interested in every topic he writes about, because his words are that good and that convincing. Every time I read about this bakery or that tomato stand in in the 3rd arrondissement, his words transport me to Paris, and I can almost imagine myself walking in the market right there with him.