Life Lessons (We Bought a House!)

Slowly but surely, I’m learning what the true meaning of “adulthood” is. Looking back, there are so many times when someone older than me dropped some wisdom, or told me a truth that I brushed off, thinking, “No, it’ll be different with me/us. We will do it differently,” just to turn around and nod my head saying, “yup, you were right.” Whether it’s about marriage, sticky situations, or life changes, some things are just always true. One of the lessons I’m beginning to learn is two-fold.

Whether or not you have noticed, I’ve been spending a lot less time in my studio than usual, and that’s because we are moving! The first aspect of the lesson I am learning is that big things happen when you least expect them. Always. And this new house is no exception. We weren't really looking to move, but Austin is also the kind of guy who is never not looking for a new house. So when the house we are buying came on our radar, it certainly threw us for a loop. Our new house will take quite a bit of work, so much so that we won’t be actually living there until we can get far along in our plans. A highly involved renovation was not exactly in our plans for the first year of our marriage (pray for us), but the possibility of having a brand new home before our household grows was exciting and attractive.

We are so eager to get going with this project, and very thankful to have people who are willing to help us out in many different ways throughout the process. My intention is to use this blog and my Instagram to document the process as best as I can, so that when it’s all done, we can look back and see how far we have come.

One of the things that I am personally most excited about is that our backyard will become the home of a new studio! I have dreamed of what my perfect studio will look like, and I am just too eager to have a space of my own. While finishing the house will be the main priority, the studio will follow soon after.

The next few months will be….different, but so exciting. I can’t tell you how many times people have cocked their heads and raised their eyebrows and offered a word of advice for some of the not-so-fun aspects of braving a remodeling project. This is one of those times where I am heeding every word of advice I am given. This will be hard! But also a lot of fun. This will be stressful! But also will produce a lot of fruit. The second aspect of the lesson I’m learning is to look ahead, be optimistic, yet cautious of what the future holds. There is only so much we can anticipate, and it’ll take sallying up and putting on my big girl pants to face issues head on.