Why Prints?

Something that is easy to forget in any professional position is the jargon of the industry you are in. In regards to the art world, not everyone understands the difference between acrylic and oil paints, a gallery versus a showroom or who the heck Monet is. As I’ve shared more about my art practice, I’ve been reminded that there is an educational component that the consumer needs; a base level of knowledge that they might not already have. 

When I released my fine art prints, I got a few responses that made me realize that not everyone knows what exactly they are. To define the term, a fine art print is a high-quality printed reproduction of an original piece of work. In contrast, an original painting is the piece of art that I created with paint on a canvas. Fine art prints are intended to be framed, and give art collectors a more budget-friendly option to grow their art collection. One of the very first pieces of art that I purchased was a large print by one of my favorite artists, Teil Duncan. I had just graduated from TCU and I wanted to purchase a piece of art to commemorate the occasion. There was (and still is) no way that I could afford an original piece of her work, but because of her example through my college years, I knew that I had to have something from Teil. So, I chose my favorite print. Although I hope to one day own on of her original pieces, the print is truly the next best thing, and it still hangs in my home today. 

I decided to pursue a line of prints from The Color of My Sky series for this same reason. There might be some of you out there that want a piece of my art, but at this point in time, don’t have the ability to purchase an original piece. That is MORE THAN OKAY! I totally get it. As an art collector myself, I’m in the same boat. Once I realized this, the decision was obvious. I ordered a round of test prints and was amazed at how incredibly detailed the prints turned out. They really are just like the real thing! I was able to capture the texture of the brush strokes, and the same luminosity that can be found in the original painting. 

I hope to continue offering prints from every series of original paintings, so that there is always a fresh option for print collectors. If you haven’t already, you can take a look through the very first collection of prints - click here to browse!  

Artwork for the Holidays

I’m not here to scare you. I’m just here to give you a heads up. The Holidays. They’re coming, and they’re coming fast. When I was mapping out what I’d like to accomplish in the rest of this year, it didn’t take much time to realize that, when I worked backwards, I should’ve started making work for the holidays…last week.

But, I’m not going to fret, because I am sooo excited to share all of these original holiday items with you very soon. The raw materials for everything are coming in the mail day by day, and with each delivery I get more and more anxious to get to making. You can find all of the release dates below - mark them on your calendar, set a reminder in your phone, or follow me on Instagram so you don’t miss a single thing!


IN-HOME SHOP EVENT, NOVEMBER 13 - A good friend in Fort Worth is opening her home to myself and a few other local vendors for a fun shopping event! There will be jewelry, gift baskets, and of course, lots of art to shop from! The event will begin mid-morning - I’ll release the address very soon!

VELLUM LANDSCAPES & HAND-PAINTED ORNAMENTS, NOVEMBER 16 - I’m bringing back the vellum landscapes framed in magnetic acrylic frames and expanding my options for ornaments! If you weren’t around last year, this is what I’m talking about. This year, I’m setting a high goal for the quantity I’ll have available, and hopefully I’ll repeat a sell out!

NEW ORIGINAL PAINTINGS, NOVEMBER 29 - I’m making progress on a small collection of original paintings ranging from 18x24” to 30x40” in size. I’ll be honing in on my color palette, and I’m excited (and nervous!) to experiment on the canvas.

COMMISSIONS, DECEMBER 1 - Do you have a special place you want to capture with a painting? These make great gifts for family members of spouses to commemorate your love for beautiful landscapes. Fill out a form before December 1! I can’t wait to create a painting specially for you.

Beyond the Studio: In the Kitchen

Today I’m sharing the first of a series of posts called “Beyond the Studio.” The interests that I have outside of my art speak into what happens when I’m in front of a canvas. I want to dive deeper into the things that happen outside of my studio, that indirectly affect what happens when I pick up a paint brush. Whether creative or mundane, I’ve learned that every aspect of my life impacts my artwork - so today I’m sharing these other facets of my life with you!

Some of my earliest memories are in the kitchen. I specifically remember making cutout sugar cookies with my mom, and being so distraught over throwing away the scraps of dough, that I started sneaking little bites out of the trashcan (don’t worry, it was right on top!!). I’m not sure why that memory has stuck with me because its kind of weird and a bit gross, but maybe it’s that I had a passion for creating something out of nothing, and I hated to see it go to waste. I grew up eating wonderful homemade food, and it didn’t take long until my sister and I were joining my mom in the kitchen, helping her prepare whatever delicious recipe she was working on.

These days, I have grown to love cooking savory food primarily, with some baking thrown in there. I love cooking more than baking because of its forgiving nature. Baking is more of a precise art, and while I’ve had a lot of success there, I’ve had even more success cooking breakfast/lunch/dinner. It is less exact, and is open to interpretation. I get to use my creativity in the seasonings and spices, and love to riff off of a recipe that I trust. I usually cook dinner for Austin and I, and I’ve enjoyed planning ahead with a mix of new recipes and old favorites. There’s something calming about coming home after work and turning my brain off from accomplishing anything but my next meal. Cooking is a relatively quick creative exercise that produces immediately consumable results. When many other unfinished projects or unanswered questions linger, cooking allows me to one extra problem by the end of the day.

My family’s recipes are sealed tight, but I’ve slowly built a collection of recipes that are a mix of old family recipes, trusted favorites, and new resources. The cookbooks that I most often turn to are any of Ina Garten’s books or Chrissy Tiegen’s. I have yet to purchase Chrissy’s new book, so stay tuned on that… There are also several food blogs that I’ve come to trust because each and every recipe is outstanding. My top favorites are Half Baked Harvest and Broma Bakery. Not only do their recipes turn out great, these girls are fun to follow on social media, and inspire me to experiment with my paintings similar to how they push the boundaries of their recipes, their styling and their photography. I made these pork chops last week with some leftover pears from the farm and Austin was literally licking his plate. So good.

I think the reason that I love being in the kitchen so much is because of its immediate results. It allows me to serve others and myself, and creates a reason to gather, whether it is Austin and I on a weeknight, sitting on our kitchen barstools, or entertaining our closest friends and family to celebrate a special occasion. I can bring the same service-oriented spirit into my studio. I intend for my paintings to serve as a reminder of the natural beauty in the world, and to create a moment of calm in an otherwise overly stimulated world. While the results are less immediate than a home cooked meal, their lasting impact is equally as profound.

My Top 3 Health-Conscious Practices in the Studio

There are a lot of ways that I try to generally take care of myself and my surrounding environment. I exercise, I generally eat well, I recycle, and I try to maintain healthy boundaries for myself, all adding up to an intentionally healthy lifestyle. The one area that seems to be the exception to my self-imposed rule is my art practice. I’m completely aware that the fumes of the mineral spirits and the accidental paint blotches that get on my skin aren’t the best for my long-term health. In the past year or so, I’ve been actively researching and pursuing ways to clean up my studio so that my career minimally affects my long-term health. Also, looking into my near future, I want to maintain my art practice while pregnant and growing a family. This is deffffinitely not an immediate need, but something I feel I need to go ahead and educate myself on.

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How To Hang a Piece of Artwork

Congratulations! You just purchased a piece of art. You are officially an art collector! Did you just purchase an original painting? Or a print? I know that my next art purchase will be a piece by one of my artist crushes, Meredith Mejerle. No matter the piece, and no matter how small or how large your art collection, how you display the artwork in your home makes all the difference. There are a few key points to ensure that you maximize the impact of each piece of artwork, so read along and learn my best tips!

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My Newest Obsession

I am not the type of person who loves to go shopping. If I do, I have a list, and I get in and out as quickly and as efficiently as possible. I probably have my mom to thank for that - in our book, efficiency is key. Whether it’s for clothes, shoes, makeup, what have you, shopping in general is just not something that I particularly love. But take me to an art store…and hope that you can get me to leave. Most of my art shopping experiences happen online, and even then, I could spend hours deciding which new paints to try, which size canvas to try out, or if I really do need that new set of watercolors (Hint: I totally do.)

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PRINTS & GOODS Now Available!

I am so excited to share something that I’ve always been wanting to do with my art - prints & paper goods!! One of my very first art purchases was a Teil Duncan Fine Art print. She is an artist I look up to in so many ways, and when I graduated from college, I wanted to treat myself to a piece of her art to mark the occasion. The only product of hers that was in my budget was a print. A fine art print is a high-quality reproduction of a piece of original art. I was so proud to feel confident in purchasing my own piece of art, and that print still hangs in my home to this day!

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What's On My Mind Right Now

Remember when I talked about my favorite places to think? One of those places is in the car. When I turn the car on, and put it in drive, the car quickly transforms into a think tank. The trouble is, I try my best to stay off of my phone in the car, so I had to come up with a way to document these thoughts before they left my brain. Enter Voice Memos. I can quickly pull up the app on my phone, and hit record. I can capture my thoughts in a steam-of-consciousness fashion, and document what exactly it is that I’m thinking through in a raw, unedited way. When I go back and listen to them, I can shape these scattered thoughts into a real idea with a direction.

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A Creative Exercise

Every now and then, I like to zoom out. What are the things I’ve been noticing around me? What have I been taking pictures of? A quick scroll through my camera roll or my bookmarked Instagram posts helps me see the big picture. Often, there’s a color or color palette that emerges from these saved images. The colors, textures, and themes that I glean from this collection of photos helps me think about which direction I might want to go next in my studio.

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